Work is the only place where I can see her at the moment because she’s busy. And we’re not even working together at all this week. This blows. :/

This week is going to fucking suck. Ugh. Fuck this. I just want it to be next week already. I just want to be able to see my fucking girlfriend.

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I just wanna make you cum, make you breakfast, and make you happy.

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People are already getting excited about Halloween and by people I mean me


My anaconda will consider it


I wanna be the one you wanna talk to nonstop, the one who gets to message you good morning everyday, the one who puts a smile on your face, the one who will make you smile and laugh, who will be there for you if you are having a bad day or the one who will take care of you if you get sick, the one who will listen to anything you want to say, I could be the one, just give me one chance and I promise I can be your person, at least let me try. 

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affection is dumb and gross 
drown me in it

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My girlfriend is one of those people that text with spelling errors, and they shorten the words like “u”, and she puts the faces like :-), but she’s still cute and it doesn’t annoy me as much as when other people text me like it.